7 Mistakes In Bahubali

By admin, August 9, 2016

1) Movie Physics 101

The iconic scene where Bahubali jumps from one cliff to another would require him to take a longer run up. But him being Bahubali, and this being a Bolly flick, it doesn’t really matter!


 2) His Magical Shoes!

Bahubali, apart from possessing some kickass talents, like procuring a fountain pen from twigs, also has shoes that appear out of nowhere. How’s that for a sole-ful performance?


3) Magical clothes, too? 

Sticking to the Bollywood logic of “if it’s a song, the clothes have to change,” Bahubali and Bhallaldeva’s attire changes as soon a song begins.


4) Undress-timated Ribbon 

Just towards the end of the Pacha Bottesi song, a ribbon knot appears out of nowhere!


5) Changing costumes: Part Deux

Their costumes magically change as soon as a song begins, wherein Tammanah chases Prabhas after he tattoos her shoulder.


6) The Return of the Mask

Bahubali is never shown to be carrying the mask, even as he scales the waterfalls in order to reach Mahishmati. But when he wants to impress Tamannah, the mask conveniently reappers from hundreds of kilometers away!


7) Changing Costumes: Are you kidding me?

Bahubali’s attire changes as soon as he enters Mahishmati, and he even manages to conjure a horse out of mid-air! Damn.


So what if it was made on a budget of 250 crore INR? These plotholes just prove that our filmmaking still has a long way to go.

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