I’m Okay!!! : Hayes Grier

By admin, July 30, 2016

How come?


The Internet sensation still has a long road to go before he is in prime physical condition, but the 16-year old used social media on Friday to assure fans that he’s up for the challenge.

On Thursday, Grier was involved in a serious dirt biking accident.

It’s unclear exactly what went down, except that the crash took place in North Carolina and Grier’s brother was VERY concerned soon after it went down.

He tries to keep fans apprised of his sibling’s condition, but the concern came through loud and clear from Nash Grier.

“He can move & talk (thank god) but he’s coughed up a lot of blood. That’s all I know,” Nash originally Tweeted, later adding:

“Praying he has a quick recovery… Damn I hate hearing s–t like that on the phone, scared me to death.”

But now Hayes has taken to Twitter to calm both his brother down and his legion of followers down.

“Doing good guys, little banged up but we’ll be alright. Part of having fun,” Grier wrote along with the photo above, which was obviously snapped of him in the hospital.

In a subsequent message on Twitter, he added: “thank you for the good wishes.”