Suicide Squad

By admin, August 5, 2016

In 2016, Warner Bros. is releasing two DC movies. First up is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the titular characters of which everyone has heard. Later this year, though, movie-goers will be treated to a different kind of comic book film. Suicide Squad will follow a group of supervillains who are coerced into

What Suicide Squad Will Be About

The specific plot for the movie hasn’t been revealed yet, but we can expect the basic premise from the comic books to be the same. The Suicide Squad, officially designated Task Force X, is a secret team of supervillains who have been imprisoned by the United States government. The team undertakes high-risk missions for the government in exchange for amnesty. If they succeed in their mission, they live to fight another day, and get their sentences reduced. But if they fail, they can just be written off. Hence the nickname, “Suicide Squad.” In the source material, team members also have micro bombs implanted inside them, which can be detonated if they try to escape or cause trouble during the mission. Whether or not this will be featured in the film is not yet known. going on dangerous missions. That’s right: it won’t be a superhero headlining this film – it’s a group of bad guys! The Suicide Squad has been an important presence in the DC Universe since writer John Ostrander revitalized the group in the 1980s, and now they’re getting a chance to shine in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The Suicide Squad has appeared in a variety of media, such as Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Assault on Arkham and Arrow, but this will be their first theatrical appearance.

What Is The Suicide Squad Release Date

Suicide Squad is set for release on August 5, 2016. The main competition for the film will be Pete’s Dragon, which actually debuts a week later on August 12. This gives the film plenty of time to rack up an impressive opening, which is exactly what it is expected to do.

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